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5 Tips to prepare your CV as a PADI Pro and Respond to job adverts

You are looking for work in diving? As a PADI Pro, you already have a head start, given the fabulous opportunities available for Divemasters and Instructors. As with any dream job, though, there are many other dive professionals who are ready to send your CV to the most attractive locations available, just like you. It is important that you must make a great first impression and stand out from other candidates.

To help you be always among the candidates chosen for the final selection, we offer five tips to prepare your CV and answering job advertisements:

# 1 Prepare your CV in a professional manner

As a PADI Pro, you have a big responsibility and you have to be able to gain the trust of your customers with your professional attitude. Make sure your CV reflects your professionalism and contains all points that a potential employer will expect to find.

To effectively respond to an ad work, you should send: a letter, that arouses the interest of the law, a Curriculum Vitae (CV), with the right amount of detail, and your passport photo. Double check spelling and grammar, and make sure that the documents are readable and sorted.

# 2 Keep your CV short and simple, but be creative

Your potential employers (owners of diving centers, liveaboards, or personnel managers) are busy people and they do not usually have much time to make an initial screening of candidates based on the responses they receive.

For this, it is important that the documents contained in your response be short and concise. Enter all the necessary information and specify why you think you are the right person for that position: be brief, concise and go straight to the point. Also, add a little ‘of creativity (professional) to your response, so that it unmistakable.

I recommend you do a search on the internet: you will find many models that will help you prepare a well-structured and creative response, while maintaining a professional approach (as per point 1).

# 3 Use an acceptable photo

In many parts of the world, t-shirt and sunglasses are the “uniform” of diving instructors. It is not always a good idea, though, to give this image in the photo used for your CV. It is important that your employer can easily identify the photos and see, immediately, you will be an excellent candidate, professional and respectable, for a position as a PADI divemaster or instructor at their center.

Use a normal passport photograph and, even better, attach your photo full-length, in elegant and professional clothing.

# 4 Pay attention to the file size

Some of the best diving locations in the world are in remote or isolated areas, where internet connections are not fast like the ones we’re used to. Therefore, check that the file size (CV and photos) that you post is not too large. Avoid files larger than 1MB.

The best thing to do is send your documents in PDF format. This will reduce the file size, and will ensure that your future employer will be able to open files without the need for additional software.

# 5 Do not forget to add other skills

Many PADI Pros always make the same mistake, when responding to an ad work: only list their qualifications and scuba skills. Do not forget to add all your other skills: this will complete your profile and could make the difference in the final choice of the candidate.

You are a photographer or a videographer, add that to your CV.  You know how to work with particular types of computers, applications, or devices? You are a carpenter, engineer or nurse? List all your skills and talents … you never know!

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