Dive Course with PADI Certification

The course initiation dive PADI Open Water Diver is your first step in the sport of diving from scratch. After completing this course, you will be trained and entitled to conduct dives up to 18 meters deep anywhere in the world without having to be accompanied by a diving instructor.

Dive Central has been training divers since 2000, in 2014 has received an award for having trained more than 5,500 students in diving. This is synonymous with experience, continuity and quality.

The Diving Staff of Dive Central is formed by instructors with long experience in teaching diving and boasts the full range of training; You can make your diving course start and train you to become a teacher, as is a middle 5 star Instructor Development.

Diving Central is a sustainable diving center, this means that it has acquired a commitment to conservation of the Marine Environment printing on each student values ​​that foster sensitivity and attitude on ocean protection.

Besides protecting the marine environment is practiced in every dive, drawing water passage remains of human beings. It also organizes and promotes an annual day of collection of waste on beaches and active partner of the project is control of the Project Aware.

As a thank you for choosing us , you will have free accommodation during the course (or discount instead) and rental equipment free for one year after finishing your course. How about this?


The course consists of three parts; 1. Theoretical program, 2. Learning pool, 3. Four dives practices at sea

1. Theoretical program will develop the convenience of your home prior to practices by one of these 2 options:

Option 1 (New): OPEN WATER DIVER TOUCH digital system, if you have a tablet device, smarphone or computer. This is the default

Option 2: (Classic): We send books to your home.

2. Learning Pool PADI open water diver:

You can develop them in London in a weekend.

3. Sea Practice:

It takes place on Saturday and Sunday in London distributed in a total of four dives with free hosting.

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What requirements have to gather for this course?

It is very easy, you just need to be over 12 years to swim minimally, provide a kind photo card and a medical certificate.

To make your registration , you must make a down payment of €149 course, by bank transfer or credit card. This amount is on account of the total cost of the course. What does my diving course?

What is included in the training package –

Learning in pool
Four dives practices at sea.
Dive log book (log book).
Full equipment rental cressi sub for all practices.
Accident insurance
Accommodation at the residence of divers.
Processing of international certification PADI.
Diploma and ID card PADI of “Open Water Diver” .
Portfolio-card holder to carry your dive documentation
Bonus free rental equipment for one year.