8 Essential Diving Tips for Beginners

Are you planning to start diving? Well, exploring the underwater environment is one of the most fascinating experiences you can ever have. However, no one can start diving without some prior knowledge. So we teach 8 tips for beginners you should bear in mind during your first dives. Read them carefully.

Diving tips for beginners

Prepare well

Diving is not like other sports like running where you just put on sneakers and start running. In diving you need prior training with a diving instructor to guide you on your first steps. Moana Diving we offer a complete catalog of diving courses covering all stages of learning.

Never dive alone

It is the golden rule of diving. Diving alone is only a recklessness that even the most experienced professionals usually avoid. Dive with at least one person and don’t stay far from them with a distance of more than 10 feet. It is also important to frequently communicate by sign language with your fellow dive to indicate that all is well.

Do not hold your breath

When a person is immersed in water, he has a natural tendency to hold your breath. It is almost a reflex, although they take a dive team that gives you the oxygen you need to act. We say this because holding your breath when not needed can cause problems such as pulmonary lesions or panic attacks.

Amounts slower than your bubbles

Our body does not tolerate sudden changes in pressure . So whenever you’re underwater and want to move up you should do it slowly. This requires a common rule in diving is up more slowly than the bubble column that is emitted with each exhalation of air.

Equalize your ears

The pressure change that occurs when diving is especially noticeable in the ears and can be a very uncomfortable feeling. To avoid this we must resort to the equalization , which is to make the ear pressure equals water pressure (you will feel a little plop ). One of the most known for doing maneuvers is the Valsalva maneuver consisting block with fingers the nostrils and blowing your nose. To do this maneuver more or less every meter you go down.

Keep your mask clean

As you venture underwater, you will have trouble seeing through goggles. This occurs because the lenses are blurred by the temperature difference between the water and your body. To avoid this you can rub the inside of the lens with a wet finger dipped in your saliva. Here’s a good list of dive mask reviews in 2016. 

Do not move too much

Remember that water is 800 times denser than air, so any movement costs you more effort than on the surface and you should not get tired too soon.

Be conservative

In diving, the more conservative you be the more safer you are. Follow the rules will keep you safe. Following these tips for beginner diving you can get started without problems in this exciting hobby. Have they found useful? Share them with your friends through social networks. If you want to any of our diving courses please contact us.

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